Gold Dust at a glance

(Just like Poof, Gold Dust was a member of an elite group at college. This was her bio)

Bating Betty Davis eyes, a smile that will capture your full attention and stands with stems of 4 inches high, welcome to the introduction of the one and only Gold Dust.

You better know how pronounce the name correctly or I will hate you for life! It’s two syllables, so don’t give me an excuse for why you can’t say it. I don’t care. My mother gave it to me so I could be original, unlike you. Do not attempt a nickname for me, it will not stick and I will refuse to like you if you try. My name alone should show how amazing I am. But, I will be kind enough to share more about myself. Do not mistake this for being self-centered. I have class and don’t really need to brag.

I choose the city lights to shine my fame. You can catch me in A-dale on a rare moon. I’m the original Cinderella story, only Bacardi and coke is my prince charming. My class can not be measured. I choose to be classy while switching my hips to my own beat. Bebe and Chanel are only brands that really have the true honor to rest upon my gorgeous body… which you will never see.

I’m not ashamed to wear my feeling on face, and show that I don’t like you. I have a beer size wallet with champagne taste, so you will buy me a drink of my choice. No one will ever get in-between television and my face. I choice a selfish lifestyle. So marriage is word that will never be uttered from my mouth. I’m the girl that your mother warned you about. I make any man unfaithful. He will hit on me right in front of you even if you wear a slutty halloween police suit on, and I’m completely covered. After, he’ll take pictures of him and I, using your camera. The funniest part is he will dump you on your birthday. All I can do is laugh. Don’t you dare roll your eyes at me or you will have two black ones so you can’t roll them again. You should feel lucky that I allow you to have my sloppy seconds. I have no shame that I have made men and boys cry. Teasing is just one of tools to break them. They should understand that they are only in my presence for my amusement.

My boobs are heaven sent. They only deserve the best, and their own paragraph. Their exact size has no concern to you. Only a select few have had the pleasure to witness them. And oh we’re they amazed by their greatness. Poof is the only one that has the right to grab or do whatever she pleases with them. But, you will not take pleasure in thinking that her and I will be lesbians in front of you. (Breeder!!! Cough, cough, EL).

These select lines do not even begin to describe my full greatness. You will just have to witness me in my full light. Peace, Love, and Chanel…Gold Dust


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