Who is L.A.?

IS: 23, a mom, in love with family and friends, energetic, a writer, sarcastic, a music lover/performer, a hockey girl, a soccer player, a Hotch.

LOVES: LeBebe, music, family, thunderstorms, friends, Red Wings hockey, writing, shopping, beards, the beach, euchre, witticism, bicycling, fashion, high metabolisms, knee high boots, soccer, cheesecake.

IS NOT: lazy, a morning person, high maintenance, introverted, perfect.

HATES: cheaters, mornings before 9 am, being lied to, losing, chunky heels, high humidity, two faced people, make up, Sidney Crosby, fast food, injuries, car issues.


4 responses to “Who is L.A.?

  1. You hate Sidney Crosby? My heart just broke a little.

    • L.A.

      Haha, I’m sorry! He’s a great player, it’s just how the league and Bettman have him on the face of EVERYTHING and I don’t think he’s good about that at all.

      • Not to mention Sid the Kid is a complete dick. I had a friend who is a model who dated him for a month. She said he cheated on her 3 times in that one month and that is just the ones she knows.

      • L.A.

        Egooooooo. Although if she knows…say…Jordan Staal or Letang and wants to hook a girl up.

        It’s not Darren Helm, but still.

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