Overview of L.A.’s Love Life

I stole this idea from Toast over at The Wed or Dead Wager. If I were older, or he were younger, or I were British, or he were a Michigander, or other various never-gonna-happenings, I’d totally:

a) marry him

b) end his bet and postings about who can get married first and direct all his readership to the Tripod Mothership

c) quit bitching about being single.


Instead I’ve stolen his venn diagram, and have plans to marry it instead.

Now, not only can I blog about my love life — I can pull out a pointer and show you EXACTLY where he/she/it fits in. Well, maybe not “she.”

THEN. How much better will it be if I actually manage to marry Darren Helm??!!


17 responses to “Overview of L.A.’s Love Life

  1. Poof

    when did you do this?

  2. I am so very pleased you have done this. You’ve made my Tuesday, actually you’ve made November.




  3. HEY!!! You can’t marry Toast… what with his thing for ridiculous flings with American women…. hmmm.
    I’ll not have you pipping me to the post young lady! *shaky fist*

    • Silly Biscuit!

      (not a phrase I’d ever expected to use)

      I clearly state that due to age, location, and other factors, I will not be marrying Toast and stealing your readers for the Hotchtic mothership.

      Rather, I will be marrying his venn diagram, using it to callously dissect my love life, then divorcing it for Darren Helm.

      No offense, Toast. I’m sure you’re fabulous, what with the accent and all.

  4. L.A.

    Ooooooooh, I hope I get blogged about. I’ll give you a date in exchange for a blog. 😀

  5. Worst spurious promise of a date EVAR!

  6. arwen

    ohmygah Venn diagram FOR LIFE!

  7. Venn Diagrams are amazing. I’m having too much fun making all this stupid graphs. There are so many that this program can make. If you have some money to uselessly waste then buy SmartDraw VP. I’m not sure what I’m going to make next…maybe a pie chart or a decision tree haha.

    The program has some weird stuff too. It has a crime scene re-creator feature that has a bunch of different chalk outlines you can use…very weird.

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