cast & crew

…there are people you remember…and an exceptional amount of people you won’t…

Here is a handy tool to know all the ins, outs, and out of left fields, of the Hotchtics’ lives.

Casually lumped into who we love, hate, or tolerate people, and of course, if they’re allowed to stick around.




4 responses to “cast & crew

  1. Funsized

    I like this. It eliminates confusion and numerous amounts of texts to LA saying “wait, who is (insert catchy nickname here) again?” Good job, hotchtics. Gold stars for both of you.

  2. L.A.

    i want stiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiickers.

    and i still want my texts.

  3. Funsized

    Loudest laugh known to mankind…..ha. I would say that’s probably true.

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