…the awkward…

BabyDaddy is L.A.’s ex of some odd 5 years, and OBV her baby’s Daddy. Still constantly around, and still constantly antagonizing L.A., what with that whole DancerWhore situation.

BallHog is on the soccer team. Poof once got so mad at him that she yelled about his long hair. The next week, it was cut. Now they are friends, mostly. He has 2 babies with 2 women, but isn’t a loser. He is a very smart guy, who has a sweet shoe hook up at Macys. Where ever he goes, a trail of cigs, booze, and drama are sure to follow.

Wheaties is NiceGuy’s new girlfriend. She was cool at first, but is insanely jealous and awkward. She hates Gold Dust (having never met her) just because she and NiceGuy pseudo-dated. If she only knew about NiceGuy’s courtship of L.A…. RIP 2010-2010

#3 is NiceGuy’s flavour du jour. We’ve decided to quit naming them, as they come and go, and come and go, and come and go, and… well, you get the picture. She’s 20, which fits in with the NiceGuy-Minor-Love thing he has going on.

SportsCaster is a radio show host in the GR area. Poof also interned with him (seeing a trend?) They flirted a lot. Then finally were single at the same time…awkwardness ensues. read more.

Karele was Poof’s absolute best friend in high school, so much so that people often confused them for twins. They played soccer together since they were 4. When Karele moved down south her her now-husband, she completely fell out of of touch with everyone.

LiberatedBloke is a friend of Poof’s. Poof introduced him to L.A. for a birthday surprise of sorts and they hit it off. In bed. He’s now a repeat offender for L.A., although more confusion than she knows what to do with.

TheCousin is BabyDaddy and LittleBro’s cousin. He loves L.A. and the love is pretty much the definition of awk.com.


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