…the bad…

  • WeatherGuy is a meteorologist at a TV station in the GR area. Poof interned there. They hooked up (in her apartment, in his car, on the weather desk).  He drives a Taurus and his MO is that he likes to jizz on the face of unsuspecting girls. Read more.
  • DancerWhore is BabyDaddy’s ex/gf. We aren’t sure on the status. He cheated on L.A. with DancerWhore and is still hooked on her even though she’s dating someone else. We aren’t sure what her deal is. Besides being stupid.
  • Ex-Boyfriend dated Poof for just shy of 3 years, and slept with her for nearly 4 months post-break-up. Only after finding out he was cheating on her and got a cheerleader pregnant, did Poof realize what a loser he was. Click here to read an instance of his douchiness.
  • The Pear is a frequenter of Gold Dusts’ nightmares. He drives a Volvo and has a beard. He dropped out of grad school to be a teacher/coach at a camp in north bumblefuck. But has since had many G-Rap appearances, frightening poor Gold Dust.

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