…the good…

  • McHottie/Captain was a friend of L.A.’s and met Poof on New Years Eve. They started dating, fell in love, and are now getting married and having a baby. He “gave” L.A. to Poof as a present. He is responsible for Hotchtics, although at the time…he didn’t know what he had gotten himself into.
  • SoocerGirl is our new friend. She was once thought to be dating TheArena, but is apparently dating a soldier, which brought on its own onslaught of drama between the two. She shares Poofs love of jäger bombs, and L.A.’s love of men on the soccer team – just kidding. But seriously.
  • FunSized and CoSi (previously known as Engaged) are L.A.’s oldest and best friends. When together, the three are known to be loud, photogenic, and an all around good time. CoSi and L.A. have been friends since the days of Catholic grade school and was even set up by L.A. with her hubby BoBo during their junior year of high school. Funsized has been around since high school and has the loudest laugh known to mankind.
  • Mystique is L.A.’s old housemate. They met under awkward circumstances (BabyDaddy tried to date them both at the same time) and decided to be friends and live together instead of hating each other. They now are good friends, talk in accents, and have been hit by cars (L.A. got hit, Mystique was driving As Mystique once said, “I like liking you a lot more than I liked not liking you.”
  • Macy is one of L.A.’s good friends. They had a rocky period of their friendship, but things are cool again, just like the ice at Dollar Beer Hockey Games.
  • NiceGuy is your typical nice guy (Hence the name). A member of the soccer team, a friend of Captain’s, hit on L.A. in a rose leaving incident, hit on Gold Dust, loves Poof and her hat tricks, and now officially dating Wheaties. They’re a Hallmark card. NiceGuy is kind of everywhere.
  • Nice Girl is officially engaged to Nice Guy now. They’re cute and we love them together.
  • Chicago is a good friend of McHottie/Captain. He used to live in the windy city (hence the name), but has since moved back. Chicago is not a sexual threat to anyone.
  • Wing went to high school with Poof, but unlike 98% of the high school population doesn’t suck. She moved to chicago to hit on baseball players and to date millionaires.
  • LittleBro is BabyDaddy’s little brother. Lives in Chicago.
  • theAsian is BabyDaddy’s best friend. He knows everyone’s business, and keeps it all safe, because he’s their go-to guy–You can talk to theAsian about anything.
  • BeerBeer was Poof’s freshman year roommate in the dorms, and Arabic twin. They remained friends..the kind who can go a year without seeing each other, then reunite and be as if no time has passed. She is in the process of moving to Cali.
  • BB is a friend of Poof and has recently began to bond with LA. BB works at Victoria’s Secret and we love her because of that. She can take one look at a girl and know her correct bra size. This is a great party trick.
  • EEC is probably one of Poof’s oldest friends. They went to high school together and have bonded over dead caterpillars, abandoned barns in the middle of the woods, and see-thru swim suits.
  • TheBoyUpstairs is an old co-worker of L.A.’s. They slaved away at Macy*s together, and L.A. had a huge crush. He disappeared from the Hotch books for awhile after a night of debauchery, but has been occasionally showing up to make life interesting. L.A. is still debating if she should try and make him hers.
  • The Arena is a player on the soccer team. It was once thought that there was a spark between him and LA…but it seems like it’s just friends. For now.
  • Detroit is GoldDust’s Ex-lover. First, Poof and GoldDust thought he was creepy with his FaceBook stalking. This changed when he snuck GoldDust out of his house to avoid a walk of shame. Detroit went to high school with L.A.’s BabyDaddy. Furthering L.A’s and GoldDust’s continued connection of men. i.e. Critter, NiceGuy, etc. RIP 2010-2012
  • Fuzz is on the other soccer team. He and McHottie are old college buddies. Now that Fuzz is single (his ex had blue lips, and tucked her sweat pants into her knock-off Ugg boots and HAAAATED GoldDust and Poof (mainly Poof) for no reason), he will be in the blog a lot more.
  • Sister is McHottie’s sister, and Poof’s new Sister-in-law. She lives down south, so she isn’t in the picture a lot of the time. She’s a cop, and married to one.  She also shares Poof’s love for expensive shoes.
  • Polack is the Pole with the long name ending in a ckz from the soccer team. He is in his own mini clique with SoccerGirl and TheArena. He was very shy when he came on the team, but has since opened up and frequents the McHottie/Poof BBQs.
  • Lolo is BabyDaddy’s cousin. She’s a young’n, but is fun to chill with and gives L.A. inside intel on the BabyDaddy situation. KTB is Lolo’s cousin. She and L.A. have only met recently, but is quickly becoming L.A.’s go-to-girl for the Eastside.
  • Partner is McHottie’s business partner. They have become very good friends.
  • Aviator is Partner’s girlfriend. She hates all girls. We like that.
  • Sky is a friend and is employed by McHottie.
  • Mouth is Sky’s soon-to-be wife. She’s fabulous and has legs for days.

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